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A poor villager takes a loan of 600 dollars from a brick kiln owner, without knowing it would sentence him to a lifetime of bonded labor.


The increasing number of road accidents, especially two wheeler accidents are increasing day by day. Two wheelers accounts 300 plus road crashes every day in India. There is one death every four minutes due to road accident. Every hour, 40 people under the age of 25 die in road accidents around the globe. According to the WHO, this is the second most important cause of death for 5 to 29 year olds. In one such incident, Pradeep a 54 year old man who lost this 27 years old daughter in a two wheeler accident. Pradeep took an initiative to create awareness about road safety and forming an NGO named Helmet Pune so that no other family goes through such misery. Another incident where Akshay Kavde, lost his brother in a two wheeler accident. He talks about the trauma his family has gone through after the incident. We also hear two stories where the riders got saved because of helmet. Through such personal stories and public opinion, the film leaves the audience to decide for themselves.

One Hundred Years Running

This is the story of Giuseppe Ottaviani, a 100 years old athlete. Step by step, when he was 70 he discovered that he could show his philosophy through athletics, as his personal answer about the meaning of life which finds confirmation in the eternal cyclical Nature.

The Survivor

Muhommad Muneeb Khan, a survivor of the 2014 Army Public School Massacre, lost his only brother in the heinous attack. "The Survivor," a short documentary, follows Muneeb's inner turmoil, fears, and his individual growth through the post-attack trauma. The documentary is in the form of a personal statement to college

A journey through Autism

Diagnosed with Autism at age 3, Dashiell was given little hope for success. Through technology, music and love, one boy was brave enough to write his own story. Mountain Light Entertainment Presents: Dashiell: A Journey Through Autism.

Aamir a trial for life

An insight to the life of wrongly convicted Mohammad Aamir Khan, who faced trial for 14 long years to prove his innocence. The story gets up close and personal when Aamir opens doors from his past and also throws light into his present on how he is leading his life on the path shown by Mahatma Gandhi in this short documentary film.


The documentary is set in Potosi, it revealed only element from the initial quote. The first part of the documentary shows the horror of the mine, without explaining what is happening. The task to tell us where we are is attributed to Don Cassiano, a former miner who following an accident in the mine ceases (with difficulty) to work there to become a taxi driver. Joining him will discover how life unfolds of a miner any state poorest of South America, Bolivia. Starting with the work at 15 years old and working to maintain his family for years. Don Cassiano reveals the great effort and suffering of this work and how the mine is a destructive force from which it is almost impossible to get away, even at the cost of his own life.

Poetry is my Rifle

The poetry on public transport, on the favelas, schools and conflict zones.

Sahid's Bicycle

After years of working in a pharmaceutical company, Sahid chose to resign and became a tour guide in Bandung, Indonesia. With a loan of bicycles from his friends, he guided international tourists in heritage bicycle tours, telling stories from Bandung's past. As Bandung's tourism grows, Sahid hopes his bicycle tour business will become more popular in the future.

With Grace

With Grace' is a film about Grace and dogs. Grace lives in Rishikesh, India and has been serving and taking care of street dogs for over ten years now. The lives of street dogs come with its own challenges, difficulties and freedom. Come with us and delve into their lives where one woman in Rishikesh nurtures and serves them unconditionally. With this film; experience the beautiful world of dogs filled with so much of love and affection.


Distant, in the The Atlantic, we may happen upon one of Europe's most interesting beads. Tiny, archipelago with a volcanic origin waits for us in order for us to discover his exotic lands and insight let us win his everyday life. It is roaming on Azores. Sao Miguel, Pico and Faial islands.


Several compartments. Several passengers. Several journeys. Several stories. One train making its way across Poland. What station is it going to? And well, where are the passengers heading? What's their destination and what do they want to achieve? What's important for them? What are their sorrows? What do they miss? What do they dream about? The train is going past different stations, cities and landscapes. People are getting on and off. Just like in life. You never know who is going to join you in your compartment. Attention, the conductor's whistle signals that we're about to depart. Get on and don't be afraid to participate in the journey, which will provide answers to many burning questions.

Tour of Ara

This 34min documentary captures the unique 800km cycle race through the South African semi-desert of the Karoo, on vintage steel bikes. There are few more challenging cycle races on the planet than the Tour of Ara. The 800km quest takes place annually over six days, primarily driven on gravel roads. This film artfully documents the internal right of passage of 40 ardent cyclists, who are willing to put themselves and their vintage steel framed bikes to the test. Rick Wall directs this film with an innate sense of what is transpires between the competitors, revealing the kinship that developed between them and the communities whose paths they cross.


The film basically shows the contradiction of culture and nature. It tries to tell the contradictions of humans and animals through the buffalos and other animals living in the K?z?l River (K?z?l?rmak) delta in Turkey. The freedom of the Buffalos out in the nature comes to an end when their master forcefully take them to the barns which are productions of a "culture". The plot of this Wild Documentary has been structured differently. This film is an experimental movie with documentarial features. Inside the movie, not the words but the acts of the buffalo owners were emphasized. A style of a visual expression accompanied with background music and ambient sounds was adopted instead of interviews, off-voice and interior sounds.

A Heart in Nature - Evolution of Man

People are not responding to environmental problems because they fail to see how their actions on a daily basis impact the planet. This is what led Chris Darwin to literally become the change he wanted to see in the world. He has not flown for 2.5 years and to monitor his environmental impact, he measures almost everything he does, except for breathing. From travel and food to anything he buys and rents. He has gone a long way to learn to love the planet. His next big mission is to learn to love others and then the final Everest would be learning to love himself, which may be the hardest.


A group of filmmakers collaborate with an Indian farmer who has a life long passion for Bollywood and script writing. Together they turn one of his screenplays into a film letting him see his creativity realised on film for the first time in his life. This was a co-production between English students at the University of Leeds & local Indian filmmakers from myriad different backgrounds.

Rawan's Dream

Following her for a day, Rawan shares her story of becoming a female basketball player in Saudi Arabia and joining a local female basketball team. The film highlights a match that happens between two local teams and shows Rawan's thoughts on society, women sports and family in the kingdom.

Why are you here

While traveling in the Nepalese Himalayas after the earthquakes in 2015, I met many trekkers along the way, each with their stories and words of wisdom. Some came seeking beauty, others to escape trouble at home. I wanted to know what drove them to the mountains. Why were they there?

My Reality

Story about a boy who is so proud of Africa


Ira is 27 years old. She wears a light jacket in winter, sleeps only 4 hours a day and works as a courier. All because of a little motor inside her body.

Ilatsiaq the fisherman

Ilatsiaq, 19 years old, is hunter and fisherman in Greenland. He shows us his work and his passion in a harsh climate where his everyday life is made of landscapes, wilderness and loneliness.

Happy Birth to you Bi Bi

A grandmother likes to have birthday for herself but...


"A man is considered to be a real man if he has a house, a wife, a horse, a dagger and a bird," Javanese proverb. Tracking, catching and training exotic birds from deep in the Indonesian jungle is lucrative business for young Indonesian entrepreneurs. That is, if the birds' new owners can make a good showing at local bird singing competitions and successfully sells them to the highest bidder. The birds are treated like royalty. They are their owners' ticket to a better life. Agok (16 yrs old) is new to the business. He follows the lead of his mentor Edi navigating the tricky process of procuring and training the right bird for this competitive and unusual sport. But training birds is not easy and takes considerable time. Edi takes Agok under his wing to enable him a better chance at fulfilling his dream.

A LIVE - Acid Attack Fighters

Stop Acid Attacks is a campaign against acid violence working to bridge the Survivors and the Society as most of the victims have been found isolating them after losing their faces. Due to ignorance of the government and civil society most of such survivors found no hope and kept quite inside the four walls. Stop Acid Attack portal is aimed to research and track more acid attack cases and compile a data to get the actual situation of victims.

Zaza Rising

ZAZA RISING tells the timely story of one Rwandan woman's courage, strength and hope for a better tomorrow. Christine Nyirahabimana started a small bakery in rural Rwanda, hiring 10 HIV positive, single mothers as her employees. Despite incredible odds stacked against her and her cooperative, she is a beacon of light for her community and an inspiring example of how one individual can effect change and break generational cycles of poverty. This is not another doom and gloom Rwanda documentary, rather a window into the strong women moving the country in the right direction, one village, one business, one bread at a time.

Still Rolling - The DDLJ Story

What makes a film do a record-breaking run of more than 1000 weeks at the box office? A filmmaker takes a journey from the bustling heart of London, to Yash Chopra's scenic Switzerland and finally to the land of colourful Bollywood to rediscover the magic of India's longest running film 'Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge'.


Two indians of the Fulni-o tribe make an appeal for the lack of water that their region suffers

Perfect World - Reality

The person seeks to make world around better.But,about what world we speak? Where there are borders of its world? To enclose a pillow to yourself on a chair - that would be softer to sit,yet not a reason for conversation

5642 meters of adventure

A musical short film about a travel to the Caucasus. Ascent to the highest point in Europe and Russia - Elbrus (5642 meters). Students, graduates and teachers of the Vyatka State University took part in the trip. What are the beauties of the Caucasus mountains? You will see this in the film.

Necessity Has No Law

Is your place now in control of your place later ? Most of the children over the world have a lot of ambitions and aspirations for their Future But Gamal does not . Gamal is a boy from a small city in Egypt does not have any plans or even ideas for his future . it is a Day in the life of ( Gamal ) a child begins his life as a worker in one of the brick factory and between an old man finish his life in the same hard profession for a young boy and old man , because the Necessity Has No law or you can say the Life Has No law


The winter is approaching as a mother and a daughter are walking among windy fields. They try to grasp their memories, but time has already changed things. As the roles between the child and the mother are reversed, the connection the two had once is re- established in a new way

Belonging to Untouchable God

Film is about a Dalit women named Ramkali Devi, borne to the inferior caste in Bihar (Musahars), in past she was a bonded labor to upper caste, having a history of deep atrocities in different forms to her and her entire community members. Generations after generation their entire lifecycle used to go in serving their master as bonded labor to get food and pennies of money which their masters (upper caste people) use to give them. But today things have changed for Ramkali Devi and her entire community, they have costed many things to reach position, where they enjoy freedom from bonded labor and are living a life of equality- they now are independent farmers and are no more dependent on the upper caste to live a life- all these unfolds in the story through events and instances created by and for them. The story is constantly woven through journey of Ramkali and her community from today's perspective to the past, which focuses on taking the story ahead through various storytelling tools. A local NGO has played important role in this transition, but the boundaries of Ramkali Devi and her community members aren't restricted to NGO, they are rather working on entire community upliftment. We put story of Ramkali and her community, as a small example of as to how mere with small efforts even the grassroots of India is undergoing a process of change to give a glimpse of India shining.

17 and sentenced to die

SEVENTEEN AND SENTENCED TO DIE is a true-crime documentary about Muhammed Iqbal, a 17-year-old boy convicted of murder in a small Pakistani village, who has since spent nearly two decades on death row. The film follows Sohail Yafat, an investigator from Justice Project Pakistan, as he tracks down the main figures in Iqbal's case, including Iqbal's brother, his defense lawyer, the primary witnesses, and the victim's son. Through these interviews Sohail creates substantial doubt about Iqbal's guilt, and the policies that allow innocent people to end up behind bars.

No I'm Not a Dentist

There is an odd sight rumbling out of, small town resident, Rex Rosenberg's garage. An ordinary individual with no artistic training and little to no funding creates the quirkiest, most creative, and most difficult to categorize ride on the local roadways. Rex showcases his art car creation, the ChewBaru, much to the delight and disgust of onlookers who quickly ask if he's a dentist.

White Silence

"Mohammad Mostafa" is a 16-year-old blind boy who fights with his family for independence until ...

Nice very nice

Didou, 88, who spent his life sublimating the memory of his late wife while decorating and inside and outside the building where he resides, at 23, rue Arbadji (formerly Marengo), the former district of the Kasbah. Algiers, full of mosaics and decorate the walls of his apartment with his photos. Having become a guide in the Kasbah, Didou praises his wife when he speaks of her. On this old building there is a story of his wife. Her love and dedication for her made him creative in decoration. Half-sad, half-nostalgic, he always keeps this illuminated face in front of the tourists as being inhabited and passionate by the notion of beauty from which one can distinguish the lightning in his valiant heart.

Uncle Joe

A short biographical documentary of a Vietnam War veteran fighting a war and coming back home fighting another with himself.

4 Minutes Silence

It is a 3 minutes film about CINEMA

Humanity is Migrating

The film is about Syrain refugees who are stuck in ?domeni and other refugee camps in Greece. Thousands of refugees are waiting hopelessly for the borders to be open by FYROM so they would be able to reach the Western Europe, mostly Germany. Film is mostly focused at young people and children , especially children. After showing the refugees waiting in Eidomeni film focuses in Serbia which is the middle of the way to reach Western Europe. Refugees here do not register in legal camps to be able to go in Western Europe. Refugees in Belgrad sleep mostly in parks or streets or abandoned buildings. After Serbia documentary focuses on the story of a boy named Wardan which is one of the "lucky" people to reach Europe. His story will give hope to other refugees not to give up. Film ends in Eidomeni Greece


"I'm about to show you the real Harry Potter, Cuban Style!" Three childhood friends reveal what the Harry Potter stories mean to then, transforming their sleepy Cuban town into a world of wizards, witches and monsters.

The Graveyard Barber

Fancy a haircut...in a cemetery? Barber Kubur documents the journey of Pak Din and his friends who once ran a barbershop in a cemetery...minus the hair-raising experiences and supernatural occurrences. Located in a cemetery in Jalan Perak Penang, the business of cutting hair for the living has however since died a natural death. As the first instalment of the Reel Heritage Series and part of his out of classroom learning experiences, Adrian Lee documents Pak Din's trade, more than 15 years after a friend asked him, "have you heard of a barber who cuts hair in a cemetery?"


It has been forty years since the Vietnam War. Yet, its toxic remnants are not fading. Dancing between waking and dreaming, "Rhizophora" follows eleven Vietnamese youth, with disabilities caused by Agent Orange, on a whimsical and intimate journey through their day. As the film progresses we are welcomed ever deeper into their richly symbiotic world. "Rhizophora" was conceived of and realized in a collaborative process between the featured group of residents and the Berlin based performing arts duo ¿Che.Ne.So?. It is both a meditation on the lasting impact of war as well as an ode to the power of life, which can flourish in even the most toxic of circumstances.


The movie is about a woman and her daughter who try to survive with their background via a camera after they immigrate to Istanbul because of civil war in Syria.

A Garbage Story

Meet Nick DiMola, a bonafide trash connoisseur. He loves his job and he loves garbage. Over 30 years in the garbage business, he has collected a museum's worth of old and rare items, most of it from the estates of dead people. With every piece of trash that he saves from the landfill, a piece of history lives on.

Veil Done

Shah Jahan is fed up of people calling her fat. Mehru Nisha longs to step out of the house. Afroz Jamala is terrified of growing numbness in her hands. Three women from three different areas of Nizamuddin basti in Delhi take one decision that sets them on a journey to find oneself, find a voice and discover a world of possibilities. A story of perseverance, courage and hope as three burqa clad women take charge of their lives, something they have never done before.

Children with a Movie Camera

It is a short documentary about the process of the children who got cinema education and take their films as they wish and their opinions about this process.

Yellow House

After working at a well-known art museum for 22 years, Hope McMath decided to create her own unique art exhibition.

I Am Waiting For You

In a room, a group of women (and one man) sit waiting. Some have been waiting for weeks, others for years, still others seem to have been waiting forever. They wait patiently and impatiently, nervously and calmly, hopefully and resignedly. How does cancer impact upon one's relationship with oneself and with others – doctors, husbands, lovers, children, fellow sufferers? Why is women's cancer so often defined as a period of interminable waiting with neither beginning nor end? Why do we insist on perceiving it as "end-of-life" narrative rather than a journey towards recovery? That disease, that thing, the bad disease: these are just some of the terms we use to name and shame cancer and cancer patients in the Arab world. Wasafuli al-Sabr ( I am Waiting for You) aims to break the taboos we have put in place vis-a-vis cancer, to contemplate our fears and disavowals and to listen to experiences we have for long rendered unspeakable.

Pangolins in Peril

The scaly anteater or Indian Pangolin is a rare secretive mammal that lives on a diet of ants and termites, thus playing a vital role in the ecosystem. The Pangolin is currently under threat in Pakistan because of extensive illegal hunting for its scales, which are illegally exported to China to be used for traditional medicine. The documentary follows two brave and passionate wildlife watchers Naveed and Sikandar, as they fight against the odds to save the endangered Pangolin from massive illegal hunting across Pakistan. The film sheds light on vital ecological role of the Pangolin and raise awareness about the plight of this amazing animal that is on the verge of extinction.

Kachhay Ta'ankay

KACHHAY TA'ANKAY In Pakistan, it is possible to have your minor surgeries performed for as low as 50 rupees on the roadside! Being a very cheap substitute to hospitals and qualified surgeons, they're extremely popular with the poor masses. Are these the fruits of experimenting on patients or an ancient mastery of the craft that has long been forgotten?

Shah Jo Risalo

SHAH JO RISALO In this era of x-box and play station, where children are being born in this smart phone age, one kids in Jasmhoro are living their lives to keep the culture alive by devoting their time and effort. They have learnt the famous compilation of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai known as "Shah Jo Risalo".

Arz e Pakistan

The purpose of the project was to promote both local and international tourism in the Northern regions of Pakistan, to make people aware of the environmental treasures so that it can be preserved, and bring about the positive and cultural image of Pakistan that is often neglected by the mainstream media.


The unexplored journey of Malika e Noor from the heights of Karakorum to the terrains of Islamabad depicting the consistency and strength of a woman who represented Pakistan National Team internationally breaking all the social barriers. A fine example for all the Pakistani women for how to fulfill their dreams fighting against all odds!